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Learn more about the Presence creatives leading the way for a more creative city.

Myths future

About the Artist:

I express myself visually through my work. I find inspiration through my culture, religion and exploring other works. I love learning and making artworks through different media such as painting, digital illustration and animation. I am an artist that is very passionate about venturing into different media!


sauga's very own

About the Artist:

From pictures and graphics to words and videos, Roble is a Mississauga based creative who uses a range of mediums to weave his story and showcase his reality to the world.



About the Artist: 

Anjalee Nadarajan writes fiction and poetry. She is also a PhD student at York University. Her work has been published in Living Hyphen, Toronto's Feminist Art Committee and several zines across Canada. She hopes that these workshops will empower participants to start and continue writing.


Writer's room

About the Artist:

Kevy Oh is an emerging writer from Peel Region with writing works published from Toronto fashion magazines to worldwide beauty campaign videos. He is a Content Manager at DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company; a YouTube content creator; a freelance producer; a Netflix binger, romcom lover, and actor.



About the Artist:

Yen Linh Thai is an artist, illustrator and muralist based in Mississauga. Inspired by stories and storytelling, her work explores the whimsical and exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions. Linh has created artwork for High Park Zoo, Celebration Square, The Daniels Corporation, and the Toronto Chinatown BIA.

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