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View work from Mississauga's Creatives

by yen linh Thai

Celebration is a collaborative animation by Mississauga Residents, facilitated by artist Yen Linh Thai.

About Yen Linh Thai:

Yen Linh Thai is an artist, illustrator and muralist based in Mississauga. Inspired by stories and storytelling, her work explores the whimsical and exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions. 

Celebration was o exhibition at the Bradley Museum from September - October 2021.

father's poem book 
by karim machado-aman


Father's Poem Book is the portrait of my Father, whose life, from trials and tribulations, to the loss of his 2 brothers in the war of Afghanistan, to immigrating to Canada and having a child (Myself) with my mother, is all encapsulated in this one poem book he has kept throughout his life. As he reads it constantly before bed, and quotes it to me as life lessons, the painting is not only about my Father, but is actually an ode to his life. His mistakes, but also his successes. He holds it in his hands, staring down at it, almost seeming as if he is contemplating what he has seen in life, but also the history that the book has seen aswell.


About the Artist:

Karim Machado-Aman is a Self-taught Artist and Oil Painter working out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in Figurative and Portraits, his paintings feature friends and family who pose for him, signifying their lives in his paintings, but also trying to explain his life aswell. He draws inspiration from many Masters, Including Frans Hals and John Singer Sargent.

shadow: a monologue 
by gladys 

Shadow: A Monologue is a story of identity told from the perspective of a shadow. It posts questions on existence, expectation, and the meaning of self. The work is inspired by Gladys' experience of social anxiety, and the psychological barrier that builds up around her. 

The visual collage is created by overlaying clips of the artist’s choreography with obscure objects around her flat, emphasizing the idea of hiding and burying. A reading of Gladys' original poem is accompanied by her singing, the sound of water, and piano melodies to create moments of dissonance, peace, and chaos.


Artist Biography:

Gladys Lou is an artist and writer currently pursuing her degree in Art & Art History in the joint University of Toronto and Sheridan College program. She works with experimental media and new technologies including videos and digital art to challenge the boundaries between visual art and performance. Passionate about storytelling, Gladys combines art and writing to visualize emotions and explore the unconscious. Her work revolves around the themes of identity-seeking, mental health, and existentialism. Gladys is an artist-in-residence in the LOVE Lab at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. She was awarded the C Magazine Award, and a Killam Fellowship by Fulbright Canada.

by Sahar Rana

Artwork Submission by Sahar Rana.jpg

As an artist, I’ve always been interested in using photography as a medium of self expression and experimentation. With the rise of minimalism, I specifically wanted to create worlds that would be the opposite of simplicity. My recent work explores the aesthetics of photographic maximalism, which is defined as the over simulation of colour, texture and pattern. This still life photograph studies the extent of detail that can be added to a set before it becomes a flat, meaningless image. It asks the creator and viewer, "how much is too much?"

About the Artist:
Sahar Rana is a stills and motion artist with a focus on fashion and portraiture. She creates vivid and experimental imagery with the use of conceptual storytelling, thoughtful colour palettes, set design and digital composting. She is an emerging talent who is currently exploring commercial, editorial and fine art projects.

by xueer (
Yuki) xu

cereal box 3d.png

The cereal box is a three dimensional project that expresses my own personality of calm and in control of my emotions in various situations. The name of the cereal “Cerealously” came from the word seriously as my friends always say that I look serious when I am relaxing with a resting facial expression. The work speaks about myself as I am a person who like to meditate. I also added the illustration of my cat to form a dialogue between him and me as the slogan of my cereal brand. The free form gradient and green leaves behind indicates that this is a vegan cereal.

About the Artist:
Xueer (Yuki) Xu is a recent graduate from the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto Mississauga jointly with Sheridan College. Xu has a keen eye for color harmony and different compositions that emphasizes and draws the eye to an exceptional content. She has a strong passion for creative ideas with the exploration of new ways to engage viewers through graphics that convey storytelling.

flower girl
qurat dar

For little more than a fortnight, I find my 

mouth full of cherry blossoms, 

feel them tumbling out as I pore 

over old letters, whisper to people 

who don’t understand the flower language, 

can’t see the difference between days I speak 

black roses and foxgloves, asphodel and

anemone, or marigolds and nettle – 

who let petals fall to the ground, crush them under indifferent feet. I leave a trail of bruised blooms wherever I go. Jasmine buds in the crossroads of my veins, finds itself in the corner of my mouth when I  speak the language of my ancestors. Trilliums grow in my hair, peek out from dark ringlets at a world where 

flowers are meant to be cut, bundled, and  

presented only where ceremony  

deems appropriate. 

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