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Mississauga is full of talent. Listen to presence's artists talk about creating in sauga and celebrate their successes throughout this project.

Presence: the interviews

Learn more about Presence's creatives! This group of talented individuals were key in delivering the programs public workshops and exhibitions. They discuss their artistic processes and what it means to build Mississauga's cultural scene.

Video features: Abdullahi Ali, Anjalee Nadarajan, Jacqueline Mak, Kevy Oh, Yen Linh Thai

Presence at home: the Launch

Take a look at our launch package from 2021. Residents of Mississauga could take home their own art kit to get started at being creative. Included are works by artist Jacqueline Mak and a poem by Qurat Dar.

presence on the screens

Presence: The exhibition

Presence: The Film screened at the Mississauga's Celebration Square in August 2021. Congratulations to Free Creates amd their team of artists for an inspiring film and love letter to Mississauga. 

Presence: The Exhibition on display at the Bradley museum in September/December 2021 showcased Mississauga artists,  Amrita Chopra and Whyshinave Suthagar. Visitors could immerse them in the "future" of art in Mississauga and share their stories at our Letters from Tomorrow display.

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