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VIEw PRESENCE: THE EXHIBITION featuring artists amrita chopra and whyshinave suthagar.

Amrita Chopra


Amrita Chopra is a Mississauga-based multimedia artist working primarily with 3D renderings, animations and audio. Her work explores identity, space, architecture and sound. Amrita draws inspiration from everyday environments, nature, technology, and spirituality.


Using 3D renderings and layered sound, “Beyond” is meant to serve as a reminder of the omnipresent. The knowledge of the universe may show itself in physical stimuli we can experience with our senses, but it is always there, even when nothing else is - boundless.

Title: Beyond

Duration: 1:09

Medium: 3D animation + sound

Whyishnave Suthagar
Whyishnave Suthagar is an installation artist and experiential designer from Mississauga, Ontario. In terms of training, she has received her BFA from McMaster's School of the Arts and was a part of the 14.0 Remix Project. To date she has shown her work at the McMaster Museum of Art, WIPP Toronto, MUCH Music HQ, the Gladstone Hotel, Manifesto 2018, the Drake Hotel, Stackt Market, the MOCA and The Distillery District. She has upcoming works being developed for the Gerrard Street BIA, the Critical Distance Gallery and Nuit Blanche 2022. 

Whyishnave’s practice focuses on creating site specific installations using light and thread-based weavings. The aim of her work is to play with light and space to create immersive meditative experiences. Themes she explores in her work include ancient myths, dreams, memory and the subconscious mind. She specifically creates work reflecting on her experience as a second gen diaspora living in a Canadian-Tamil household, of parents who immigrated to Canada due to the Sri Lankan Civil War of 1983-2009. Through her artwork Whyishnave visually assesses the juxtaposition of her upbringing in a home with Hindu-Tamil beliefs embedded in a land of Western value.
Title: Untitled
Medium: Light Installation 

Top left: Detail of Untitled, Light Installation

Top right: Detail of Untitled, reflected on mirror on floor

Bottom left and right: Photography series

Artist Work Sample 5.jpg


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